Wk 15: Designing my life

Right now, I am currently trying to get through my pre-health science courses so I can declare my major and fully become health science major student. I know that I have to finish all my major classes and all the pre-reqs to graduate from CSULB and so I hope to accomplish this by Spring of […]

Wk 14- Class activity: Japanese Garden

Stepping into the Japanese garden was such a change in environment and made me instantly relaxed because of its serenity and beauty. The drawing assignment was fun but it was hard for me to let go and have my mind not work and only my eyes and hand. Although it was a bit difficult, I […]

Wk 14: Classmate conversationĀ 

This week I got the chance to talk to a girl named Renette. Surprisingly, we have had two classes together before Art 110 but never really spoke to each other because we sit in different areas of the room. Currently though, we are in the same anatomy class and so we both understand the struggles […]

Wk 13: Artist Conversation- Carmina Correa

This week, I had the opportunity to talk to an artist named Carmina Correa. Carmina is currently a fourth year student who is getting her BFA-Sculputing degree at CSULB. This exhibit just so happens to be her Senior show and she really wanted to focus on the affects that sugar has, especially to those who […]

Wk 12: Artist Conversation- Jacob Hogan

Website: Yhfabrication.com Email: Jacob@yhfabrication.com Phone #: (760)845-8121 This week, I had the opportunity to get to meet and talk to an artist named Jacob Hogan. Jacob is currently an undergraduate student at Cal State Long Beach who is pursing his BFA in metals. In this exhibit, he displayed household items and jewelry by hand in order to showcase […]

Wk 12: Activity

This week’s activity was pretty difficult for me and my family because we are so used to having electricity and having the possibility of going on our phones or computer. At some point in the night, my family left our house and go somewhere else because they were bored. My boyfriend and I stayed inside […]

Wk 11: Artist Conversation

Website: yujiagu.squarespace.com Exhibit: Tracing This week, I had an opportunity to interview Yujia Gu, a international student from China who is working for her MFA for Graphic Design. After receiving her bachelors degree in China, she decided to come to the states and get her masters in order to have a better chance on getting a […]

Wk 11: Classmate ConversationĀ 

For this classmate conversation, I had the opportunity to talk to both Misty and Jennifer. We decided to talk to one another because we just so happened to be interviewing the same person at the same time and thought why not. I was afraid that it was going to turn out to be one of […]