Wk 15: Designing my life

Right now, I am currently trying to get through my pre-health science courses so I can declare my major and fully become health science major student. I know that I have to finish all my major classes and all the pre-reqs to graduate from CSULB and so I hope to accomplish this by Spring of 2019. By this time I hope to have volunteered at a few clinics to get some experience in occupational therapy. After getting my bachelors I want to go back to school and get my masters in occupational therapy as quickly as I can because I don’t want to lose that momentum and get lazy. The masters program should take about a few years and so I hope to find a job in a hospital or clinic so I can save lives. By this time, I should be in my mid-20s and I want to maybe start my own family, although I am still iffy on the birthing aspect of it all. After that, I don’t know what else I could do other than work and take care of my family.

  • Confidence-8
  • Resources-7
  • Impact-8
  • Satisfaction-7

If my chances of pursing occupational therapy disappeared, then I would probably just try to become a nurse again. I know that I wouldn’t be able to get into the program at cal state and so I would have to transfer schools in order to get into a program and graduate as an RN. I would try to get a job at a hospital and go back to school and get my masters so I can be a nurse practitioner in the pediatric department. That is going to take some time and so but it’s worth it. I don’t know if I would want to start a family right away after i get my masters and move up in the field because nursing is tiring and the hours are going to take some time to adjust to. Eventually though, I’ll start my own family but that’s only when I know everything is settled in my life and it’s not so hectic

  • Confidence-6
  • Resources-7
  • Impact-6
  • Satisfaction-4

If I had the money and resource to do whatever I wanted, then I would probably be at a culinary school specifying in pastries. I would get my degree and hopefully own a small boutique that sells all these different kinds of desserts and cakes. It would be almost like a Ma & Pa shop where it is a huge branded company. Owning a business is hard, but because I have family that own their own businesses I feel like I would have their guidance and support to run a bakery if I could. If business was doing well then I would like the idea of starting a family of my own and I feel like I would be able to be there for my kids, if I were to have any, because I could set my own schedule and have workers and managers help take care of the shop.

  • Confidence–7
  • Resources-5
  • Impact-6
  • Satisfaction-9



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