Wk 14: Classmate conversation 

This week I got the chance to talk to a girl named Renette. Surprisingly, we have had two classes together before Art 110 but never really spoke to each other because we sit in different areas of the room. Currently though, we are in the same anatomy class and so we both understand the struggles of this semester. Throughout our time talking to each other, I found out that she has her practicum (lab exam) the next day and she was pretty nervous for it. She is pre-majoring in nursing right now but doubts she’ll end up in the program at CSULB and so she is going to spend the summer doing research on other colleges while working. Unlike some other students she is pursing a nursing career because she wants to, not because her parents want her too which makes her even more determined to do well. As of right now, she isn’t focused in finding a boyfriend or anything serious because she is focused on getting into the nursing program, which is great cause then she won’t really be distracted. She was so chill and It was easy to talk to her because we both understand the pressure and struggle of trying to get into the nursing program.


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