Wk 13: Classmate Conversation- Cassandra

This week I got to meet Cassandra. She was really nice and I found out that she is a 3rd year student in our class who is a theatre major. It’s pretty cool to meet someone who does theatre because when I was in high school, I was in the theatre department. She really likes the class but there is some bias in the department and that people are usually precasted by the director even though they say it’s not. She was recently in the play called “Bachelorette” last semester and she had a lot of fun. She’s looking forward to the human sexuality class next semester, but not so much the lighting and costume class since she has to be at school for long periods of time staying quiet. Besides being in the theatre department on our campus, she is currently working at the ID card section in the bookstore. She loves ice cream, especially anything that has a lot of chocolate and loves Greek food. After finals, she is definitely looking forward to no longer having to worry about school and things she has to do. She was such a sweet person and we got along pretty well.


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