Wk 13: Artist Conversation- Carmina Correa

This week, I had the opportunity to talk to an artist named Carmina Correa. Carmina is currently a fourth year student who is getting her BFA-Sculputing degree at CSULB. This exhibit just so happens to be her Senior show and she really wanted to focus on the affects that sugar has, especially to those who have diabetes. When speaking to Carmina, she had told me that she really likes to work with sugar when she is sculpting because it acts just like resin, a organic substance that is used when sculpting, but it is less hazardous and she feels that she has a better connection when  handling it. Throughout her time here at CSULB, she always wanted her work to relate back to  sugar or diabetes because she has type 2 diabetes and so she wants people to know what people who have diabetes have to deal with on a daily basis. However since this was her senior show, Carmina really wanted this exhibit to be more personal for her.

This exhibit was to showcase to people her relationship with sugar and how difficult it is to love sugar even though she has type 2 diabetes, therefore she built lollipops. Each lollipop that was made looks like a regular lollipop but if people were to look closer, they all contain a strip. The strips that were in her sculpted lollipops so happens to be her blood tests strips that she has taken. Also, in each corner of the gallary, there are packets of Ramens there. She purposely put that those there in order to indirectly tell people that it’s easier to get junk food that contains a lot of sugar and salt versus healthy foods because it is cheaper and more readily availableto the public. She really hopes that people realize the struggles that people diabetes have on a daily basis and be more aware of what they are eating.


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