Wk 12: Activity

This week’s activity was pretty difficult for me and my family because we are so used to having electricity and having the possibility of going on our phones or computer. At some point in the night, my family left our house and go somewhere else because they were bored. My boyfriend and I stayed inside my house and we just layed on the bed talking with the lights off. We ate dinner before the activity so we didn’t really need to rely on a microwave or anything, however we did snack on chips as a midnught snack. Having the inability to go on my phone made me stress out because my mind kept thinking about school and my life as a whole. That’s when I realized that I tend to use my phone as an escape or a distraction from what’s going on in my life. So in order to destress myself, my boyfriend tried to talk to my me about what I wanted to do the next day or this weekend and movies. We joked around and laughed all night until we eventually knocked out. Although it was difficult to live with electricity in the beginning I feel like it gave me a chance to really focus on my relationship And have fun together.


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