Wk 11: Artist Conversation

Website: yujiagu.squarespace.com

Exhibit: Tracing

This week, I had an opportunity to interview Yujia Gu, a international student from China who is working for her MFA for Graphic Design. After receiving her bachelors degree in China, she decided to come to the states and get her masters in order to have a better chance on getting a job, whether it is in China or the United States. Usually Yujia will focus her projects on cultural differences but this time she wanted to do something different. For her project, Gu decided to do an expose on the dangers of gun violence in America because of her mother. Before coming to the states, her mother was very worried about the dangers of Yujia being her alone because of the rise of gun violence; therefore, she wanted to showcase and express what people feel daily when they are in an area that has high gun violence.  Her goal with this project is to have people understand the dangers of gun violence whether they realize it or not and the dangers of what people face on a daily basis. She also feels that gun control should be strengthened because of the growing death rate in the US compared to other countries like Canada.

I feel that the exhibit was a great eye-opener to the people that was unaware of the dangers and growing numbers in the United States, especially with the current shooting in San Bernardino. The greatest emotional affect I feel is the children’s pictures and the names on the walls because it makes the viewers realize that these children were accidentally/purposely shot and will never have a chance to grow up into their own person. Overall, I feel like this exhibit was very influential and educational to those that are unaware of what is happening in America.


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