Wk 11: Classmate Conversation 

For this classmate conversation, I had the opportunity to talk to both Misty and Jennifer. We decided to talk to one another because we just so happened to be interviewing the same person at the same time and thought why not. I was afraid that it was going to turn out to be one of those awkward conversations where you are basically interviewing each other just to learn about them. However, the conversations kept on flowing nonstop. I learned that Jennifer is a 3rd year transfer student from the east coast and is working towards getting her english and film major at cal state. Although she is now residing here, she misses the support system that she once had with her friends and family but is glad to get away from the terrible weather. As for Misty, she is a 3rd year student also who is currently undeclared but is trying to work her way into getting her kinesiology degree and can only do so when she passes Anatomy during the summer. The three of us got along really well and we talked nonstop about movies. Eventually two girls named Katherine and Antonella joined our group and the five of us talked about movies and their book counterparts. Having met all of them was really nice and they seemed like genuine people.


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