Wk 10: Activity- Redesigning the Wedge

For this activity, I decided to choose the wedge that was closer to Brotman Hall because I am more familiar with it and I have had experience with it. Every time I have to walk to Brotman Hall for my exams I always decide to go through the wedge even though there is traffic there majority of the time. I feel like it’s because us college students are too tired to walk around the black wall that is creating the wedge and it just seems like an easier choice. Although it is famous for creating traffic, it is still a pain to go through because you have to walk in a certain way to avoid people or if you are carrying a big load. For my design, I decided to just take down the black wall all together in order to get rid of the wedge. It will be missed by past graduate students but as time move on, the memories will disappear and the wedge would eventually be forgotten as new students are accepted into the university. With this new design, it will create a natural flow of traffic and people won’t have to wait for other people to walk through because there is enough room for everyone! However, if you still want to experience the wedge, it will still be there on the side of the new opening.

IMG_1560.JPGkeo corner ps art110


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