Wk 7: Classmate conversation

For this week’s classmate I had the opportunity to talk to Khanh. At first I didn’t have anyone to talk to but he was nice enough to allow me to do my conversation on him even though he already did it with someone else. I found out that Khanh is originally from Vietnam who immigrated to the US in 2009. He lived around the Santa Monica area with his grandparents and Aunt and Uncle. Cal state was not his first college choice, but because he was rejected by the UC schools that he applied to, he decided to go here. He’s currently working towards getting his computer science degree and is a second year. He is a member of the women’s engineering club and also a board member of another engineering club but I wasn’t able to hear what it was. His favorite colors are navy blue, black, white and gray. He loves to eat everything so he doesn’t really have any favorite foods.


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