Wk 6: Activity- The corniest zine

Doing this week’s activity was really fun for me. I was able to let my inner nerd and corny side of me come out into this project. I decided to focus my zine on corn because, to be honest, I LOVE CORN! At first, I was going to make a corn superhero in a city filled with vegetable citizens, but I didn’t know where to go with it. Next I was thinking maybe I should do a zine about the different types of corn, but I thought that would be too similar to the potato zine and that just wouldn’t be original. I finally decided, with the help of my boyfriend James, to make a zine about a corn named Cornelius that made the corniest jokes. James quickly decided that maybe that wasn’t the best idea because I couldn’t stop making corny jokes and laughing about it. He basically came to the conclusion that I was lame and really corny, but I don’t care cause I a am having so much fun with it!


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