Wk 5: Automatic Drawing- The Doodle Extravaganza 

For this week’s activity, I got a chance to partner up with my boyfriend for a fun project. Going into this, I was really excited because our homework usually doesn’t require two people and this one did! Before we got started, I wasn’t able to get a hold of oil pastels but I did go to Target in hopes that crayons would be okay. When we began the automatic drawing, I thought that he was forcing the crayon to move in the direction he wanted but he said no he wasn’t ( I bet he was lying). I laughed a bit at first but started to feel relaxed in the movements and the quietness. After stopping and looking at the paper, it looked like we just drew a bunch of circles which makes me ask myself if our body naturally wants to go in a circle. We had so much fun the first time that we decided to keep going but with all kinds of different colors. In the end, I really like how the drawing came out and my boyfriend and I decided that we will add our own drawings to it to make it as a combined art piece. After we are satisfied with our art piece, I will post it up on the wall as a fun memory with my boyfriend.


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