Wk 5: Artist Conversation- Yeri Hwang

Exhibition Information

Artist: Yeri Hwang

Exhibit title: Within Us

Instagram: Yeriyeti

In this week’s artist conversation, I got a chance to interview a young artist named Yeri Hwang. Currently, Yeri is an Undergraduate at Cal State Long Beach who is in her fourth year and trying to get her BA in studio art. She is currently residing in Long Beach but is originally from Torrance. There was never a doubt in her mind about wanting to never pursue art as a career and we are glad that she didn’t. As an artist, she feels that art is very limiting to people who are not studying art or an artist themselves and so she made it her mission to bring in people who have little knowledge in art by making her exhibit an interactive experience. By doing so, she drew people in left and right and took them on a journey through her art.

Her focus in  this art exhibit was the journey through life and how everyone is going through the same things even though we are our own person. She wanted to make this her main focus because everyone has their own preference on what they like and dislike. However, everyone is traveling through life and will eventually go through similar setbacks and growth; therefore, by building an exhibit about life it can resonate with everyone that looks into it. Furthermore, she wanted to tell a story through her art work because she personally enjoys writing stories and this gave her a chance to do so.

When I viewed her exhibit, I personally really enjoyed how interactive it was because it made me want to spend more time in it. Each piece that was presented had hidden significance to it and really related to what I was going through as an individual. The gears that were presented signified that we all have different perceptions of the world and we make and shape the way we see things until we are satisfied with it. The broken glass that was found at the end really touched home for me because it signifies that we all have imperfections and that no matter what, it’s going to be okay. I see flaws in me everyday but to see and read that we all have flaws and the most important thing is for us to accept ourselves was encouraging  and made me see myself in a better light. Overall I felt like her exhibit was inspiring and really made people appreciate who they are because in the end, we only live once.


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