Wk 3: Classmate Conversation: Mathieu Bourgeault

This week I met Mathieu. He is a French-Canadian student who was born in Long Beach and is now residing in Downey California. He is currently a  19 year old, second year student at CSULB who is majoring in Finance and plays for the baseball team at the school. As of right now, he is employed as a waiter at an Italian restaurant called Pina Pizza House in Downey. Before moving to Downey, Mathieu want to Lowell Elementary School and Roger’s Middle School until 7th grade when his parents decided to move there. He decided to stay local instead of going out of the city or the states because of financial reasons and it is easier for him to live with his parents. He enjoys snowboarding, the color blue and as a child, he used to watch Finding Nemo all the time. Family wise, half of his family are currently residing in Montreal, Canada and I am assuming the rest live in the states. He was a really chill guy as far as I can tell and easy-going.


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