Wk 3: Artist Conversation: La Rosa

Exhibition Information

Artist: La Rosa

Information: info@larosabird.co

Instagram: larosa.artist

Website: http://www.larosabird.co 

On Wednesday, Feb 8, 2017, I was able to witness an artist in the making. La Rosa is a third year undergraduate student at CSULB who is currently aiming for her Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art; however she didn’t start off that way. She was pursuing a degree in Business before switching to her current major.Each piece that was displayed this week focused on heartbreak and love, and according to La Rosa “emotions and feelings have always led me to create my pieces.” I believe that is due to how emotions are a strong driving factor in humans and can make people do the anything. However, heartbreak and love is the strongest emotion that can make a person do the craziest of things; therefore, she tried to focus more on these two specific emotions more than others.

La Rosa’s two art pieces, “Heartstrings” and “Wishful Thinking” really demonstrated her desire to show heartbreak in her pieces. The idea to use a cassette tape as a metaphor on how people can “pull at someone’s heart” was a brilliant way to showcase how someone can just be fooled by someone without a care in the world. This is seen with the strings being barely attached to the cassette tape and hanging like a thread. Also, the black colors in the “Wishful Thinking” adds the idea that heartbreak was taken place because there is no longer any brightness that was once the heart. If the viewer were to look close enough, they could also see that the tape is broken, indicating that it is now a broken heart that just wanted to feel the presence of love. Her color scheme in these two pieces worked in her favor because the light pink tone brought on the feeling of calmness and gentleness that someone might feel during the love stage and the dark black color brought on the feeling of emptiness that someone might feel when they are heartbroken.

Overall, my experience at La Rosa’s gallery  was inspiring and her art pieces was truly relatable because of how she focused on emotions, especially heartbreak and love. Her decision to do allowed me to feel more connected to her art and made me want to look at more. Her passion for the arts show in every painting that she displayed in the gallery this week and her devotion to show how human emotions can affect everyday civilians truly showed.


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