Wk 2- Landscape w/a landscape corpse- Death by stairs

I actually really enjoyed this weeks project because my boyfriend and I got to think about really weird ways on how I should die. He came up with the idea of hanging me from a tree by my feet and have him blindfolded with a bat. He basically wanted me to act like a piñata for him. We laughed so hard at that idea that we could barely breathe and I had tears in my eyes. The next idea was for me to die by a drug overdose with a pile of flour on one side of my head to represent coccaine and a bottle of pills in my hand, however the flour would be too messy and get everywhere. We almost did a picture of me dying of old age but I seemed like the powder would again get everywhere and the clean up would be too difficult. We finally came up with the idea of me dying by falling down the stairs. We came up with that conclusion because I am a clutz so it would be a reasonable death for me. During the process we also had fun doing it because I joked about how I should actually fall to make it look realistic, but of course I could actually die during that process. We kept trying to put myself into different positions to make it look like I wasdead and we tried doing it on my stomach side but it looked too weird. We ended up going with the picture below and I have to say, I look pretty dead.


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