Wk 2- Classmate Conversation- Karlee Steele

This week I got to meet Karlee Steele during class on Wednesday. At first it was kinda awkward but that’s how it usually goes when you first meet someone new I assume. Anyways, I learned that she was a junior at CSULB and a film major that is trying to be a screenwriter or work in any department that works behind the scenes in movies. She is currently living in Costa Mesa with some coworkers. She works at a hostess at Disneyland in a restaurant, but unfortunately I was unable to get the name of the place because it was pretty loud in class. I asked her some questions about what it was like working there because I heard it wasn’t the best place to work at and I was interested in working there a while ago. She was able to tell me that it really all depends on the department that you are placed in and the people that work there because, based on her experience, she worked in the restaurant next to the Pirates of the Caribbean and she didn’t like it at all due to the people that she had to work with. Next, we talked about our favorite Disney movies, her’s happens to be The Lion King while mine is Lilo and Stitch. By that time, class ended and we took a picture together. Unfortunately I gave her the wrong number so I was unable to get the picture of us. I messaged her and I hope to hear back from her soon. UPDATE: I have the picture! So happy that she was sweet enough to send it to me! #karleesteele


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