Wk 1- Hand Plaster Casting

The first project that we were given was to do a hand plaster casting project. I was confused at first on what we had to do and worried that I wouldn’t be able to do it correctly within the short amount of time we were given. However, with some help from my friends I was able to get it done. On Sunday morning, I went to Newport Beach to do the project because my mom’s business was out there and it would be nice to visit after. The first thing I did first was look for a secluded area and once that was found, I dug a deep enough hole to where my hand could be covered. Next, I mixed the water and plaster and then poured it into my mold. While waiting for the casting to dry, my friend and I searched for shells around the area. After all was set and done, I was amazed with what came out. I’ve never done anything like this and it was so cool to see my hand molded within the sand. I feel like I want to do more hand castings with different symbols and display it around my house just to show people what I can do. Although it was a small project, I really appreciated it because it really shows that art projects can be done where ever we are in the world, just as long as we are looking for it.


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