Wk 15: Designing my life

Right now, I am currently trying to get through my pre-health science courses so I can declare my major and fully become health science major student. I know that I have to finish all my major classes and all the pre-reqs to graduate from CSULB and so I hope to accomplish this by Spring of 2019. By this time I hope to have volunteered at a few clinics to get some experience in occupational therapy. After getting my bachelors I want to go back to school and get my masters in occupational therapy as quickly as I can because I don’t want to lose that momentum and get lazy. The masters program should take about a few years and so I hope to find a job in a hospital or clinic so I can save lives. By this time, I should be in my mid-20s and I want to maybe start my own family, although I am still iffy on the birthing aspect of it all. After that, I don’t know what else I could do other than work and take care of my family.

  • Confidence-8
  • Resources-7
  • Impact-8
  • Satisfaction-7

If my chances of pursing occupational therapy disappeared, then I would probably just try to become a nurse again. I know that I wouldn’t be able to get into the program at cal state and so I would have to transfer schools in order to get into a program and graduate as an RN. I would try to get a job at a hospital and go back to school and get my masters so I can be a nurse practitioner in the pediatric department. That is going to take some time and so but it’s worth it. I don’t know if I would want to start a family right away after i get my masters and move up in the field because nursing is tiring and the hours are going to take some time to adjust to. Eventually though, I’ll start my own family but that’s only when I know everything is settled in my life and it’s not so hectic

  • Confidence-6
  • Resources-7
  • Impact-6
  • Satisfaction-4

If I had the money and resource to do whatever I wanted, then I would probably be at a culinary school specifying in pastries. I would get my degree and hopefully own a small boutique that sells all these different kinds of desserts and cakes. It would be almost like a Ma & Pa shop where it is a huge branded company. Owning a business is hard, but because I have family that own their own businesses I feel like I would have their guidance and support to run a bakery if I could. If business was doing well then I would like the idea of starting a family of my own and I feel like I would be able to be there for my kids, if I were to have any, because I could set my own schedule and have workers and managers help take care of the shop.

  • Confidence–7
  • Resources-5
  • Impact-6
  • Satisfaction-9



Wk 14- Class activity: Japanese Garden

Stepping into the Japanese garden was such a change in environment and made me instantly relaxed because of its serenity and beauty. The drawing assignment was fun but it was hard for me to let go and have my mind not work and only my eyes and hand. Although it was a bit difficult, I still had fun letting my inner artist shine through. I can’t really choose a favorite drawing assignment for this one because I think each one was relaxing and entertaining in its own way. However, the first one (the 10 30 seconds drawing) was a bit tedious and my friends and I were getting all anxious to just get it over with. Overall though, I liked the relaxing experience because lately I’ve been stressed with trying to pass my classes and finals.

Wk 14: Classmate conversationĀ 

This week I got the chance to talk to a girl named Renette. Surprisingly, we have had two classes together before Art 110 but never really spoke to each other because we sit in different areas of the room. Currently though, we are in the same anatomy class and so we both understand the struggles of this semester. Throughout our time talking to each other, I found out that she has her practicum (lab exam) the next day and she was pretty nervous for it. She is pre-majoring in nursing right now but doubts she’ll end up in the program at CSULB and so she is going to spend the summer doing research on other colleges while working. Unlike some other students she is pursing a nursing career because she wants to, not because her parents want her too which makes her even more determined to do well. As of right now, she isn’t focused in finding a boyfriend or anything serious because she is focused on getting into the nursing program, which is great cause then she won’t really be distracted. She was so chill and It was easy to talk to her because we both understand the pressure and struggle of trying to get into the nursing program.

Wk 13: Artist Conversation- Carmina Correa

This week, I had the opportunity to talk to an artist named Carmina Correa. Carmina is currently a fourth year student who is getting her BFA-Sculputing degree at CSULB. This exhibit just so happens to be her Senior show and she really wanted to focus on the affects that sugar has, especially to those who have diabetes. When speaking to Carmina, she had told me that she really likes to work with sugar when she is sculpting because it acts just like resin, a organic substance that is used when sculpting, but it is less hazardous and she feels that she has a better connection when  handling it. Throughout her time here at CSULB, she always wanted her work to relate back to  sugar or diabetes because she has type 2 diabetes and so she wants people to know what people who have diabetes have to deal with on a daily basis. However since this was her senior show, Carmina really wanted this exhibit to be more personal for her.

This exhibit was to showcase to people her relationship with sugar and how difficult it is to love sugar even though she has type 2 diabetes, therefore she built lollipops. Each lollipop that was made looks like a regular lollipop but if people were to look closer, they all contain a strip. The strips that were in her sculpted lollipops so happens to be her blood tests strips that she has taken. Also, in each corner of the gallary, there are packets of Ramens there. She purposely put that those there in order to indirectly tell people that it’s easier to get junk food that contains a lot of sugar and salt versus healthy foods because it is cheaper and more readily availableto the public. She really hopes that people realize the struggles that people diabetes have on a daily basis and be more aware of what they are eating.

Wk 13: Classmate Conversation- Cassandra

This week I got to meet Cassandra. She was really nice and I found out that she is a 3rd year student in our class who is a theatre major. It’s pretty cool to meet someone who does theatre because when I was in high school, I was in the theatre department. She really likes the class but there is some bias in the department and that people are usually precasted by the director even though they say it’s not. She was recently in the play called “Bachelorette” last semester and she had a lot of fun. She’s looking forward to the human sexuality class next semester, but not so much the lighting and costume class since she has to be at school for long periods of time staying quiet. Besides being in the theatre department on our campus, she is currently working at the ID card section in the bookstore. She loves ice cream, especially anything that has a lot of chocolate and loves Greek food. After finals, she is definitely looking forward to no longer having to worry about school and things she has to do. She was such a sweet person and we got along pretty well.

Wk 12: Artist Conversation- Jacob Hogan

Website: Yhfabrication.com

Email: Jacob@yhfabrication.com

Phone #: (760)845-8121

This week, I had the opportunity to get to meet and talk to an artist named Jacob Hogan. Jacob is currently an undergraduate student at Cal State Long Beach who is pursing his BFA in metals. In this exhibit, he displayed household items and jewelry by hand in order to showcase to everyone what he can really do. Growing up, he  had a bad habit of taking apart objects around the house and rebuilding them into new gadgets or household items, but it didn’t stop there. He continued to build and rebuild objects with the help of Legos until the age of 17 and continued to further his experience by working for a restoration company in Newport Beach, to which he still works at. As of right now, Jacob is commissioned but hopes that in the future he can further his career and build household items for companies such as Target or Ikea. Jacob decided to focus his dreams on building because he was inspired by product stores to further tweak the product or make it better.

The items displayed in his exhibit are from school assignments, but instead of making assignments that focused on jewelry, he focused on household items.  He tried to make the exhibit feel like home and comfortable in order to have his products feel like they belong there, to which he succeeded. Before having the chance to display his products for everyone to see, he made a mini model of the showroom in order to plan out the perfect layout. He designed the floor plan to focus on three sections: household items, jewelry and cabinetry. Altogether, the products took a little overr 2 months to complete. If anyone who sees and is interested in any of his products, they are able to buy it online on his webiste.


Wk 12: Activity

This week’s activity was pretty difficult for me and my family because we are so used to having electricity and having the possibility of going on our phones or computer. At some point in the night, my family left our house and go somewhere else because they were bored. My boyfriend and I stayed inside my house and we just layed on the bed talking with the lights off. We ate dinner before the activity so we didn’t really need to rely on a microwave or anything, however we did snack on chips as a midnught snack. Having the inability to go on my phone made me stress out because my mind kept thinking about school and my life as a whole. That’s when I realized that I tend to use my phone as an escape or a distraction from what’s going on in my life. So in order to destress myself, my boyfriend tried to talk to my me about what I wanted to do the next day or this weekend and movies. We joked around and laughed all night until we eventually knocked out. Although it was difficult to live with electricity in the beginning I feel like it gave me a chance to really focus on my relationship And have fun together.

Wk 11: Artist Conversation

Website: yujiagu.squarespace.com

Exhibit: Tracing

This week, I had an opportunity to interview Yujia Gu, a international student from China who is working for her MFA for Graphic Design. After receiving her bachelors degree in China, she decided to come to the states and get her masters in order to have a better chance on getting a job, whether it is in China or the United States. Usually Yujia will focus her projects on cultural differences but this time she wanted to do something different. For her project, Gu decided to do an expose on the dangers of gun violence in America because of her mother. Before coming to the states, her mother was very worried about the dangers of Yujia being her alone because of the rise of gun violence; therefore, she wanted to showcase and express what people feel daily when they are in an area that has high gun violence.  Her goal with this project is to have people understand the dangers of gun violence whether they realize it or not and the dangers of what people face on a daily basis. She also feels that gun control should be strengthened because of the growing death rate in the US compared to other countries like Canada.

I feel that the exhibit was a great eye-opener to the people that was unaware of the dangers and growing numbers in the United States, especially with the current shooting in San Bernardino. The greatest emotional affect I feel is the children’s pictures and the names on the walls because it makes the viewers realize that these children were accidentally/purposely shot and will never have a chance to grow up into their own person. Overall, I feel like this exhibit was very influential and educational to those that are unaware of what is happening in America.

Wk 11: Classmate ConversationĀ 

For this classmate conversation, I had the opportunity to talk to both Misty and Jennifer. We decided to talk to one another because we just so happened to be interviewing the same person at the same time and thought why not. I was afraid that it was going to turn out to be one of those awkward conversations where you are basically interviewing each other just to learn about them. However, the conversations kept on flowing nonstop. I learned that Jennifer is a 3rd year transfer student from the east coast and is working towards getting her english and film major at cal state. Although she is now residing here, she misses the support system that she once had with her friends and family but is glad to get away from the terrible weather. As for Misty, she is a 3rd year student also who is currently undeclared but is trying to work her way into getting her kinesiology degree and can only do so when she passes Anatomy during the summer. The three of us got along really well and we talked nonstop about movies. Eventually two girls named Katherine and Antonella joined our group and the five of us talked about movies and their book counterparts. Having met all of them was really nice and they seemed like genuine people.